Bluetick Coonhounds

By: Jacob Martinez

Bluetick height and weight:

Height: 20 - 27 inches tall

Weight: 45 - 80 pounds

Where are they from?

Bluetick coonhounds are dogs that can be considered "Made in the USA". Bluetick coonhounds were made from crossing a variety of hounds, especially coonhounds.

What are they good for?

Bluetick coonhounds are made for hunting, they are very caring and obedient dogs, they are also made for hardwork, and they are good with kids.

How do they act?

Bluetick coonhounds are very good. They are very loyal and will listen to you if they are trained to do so.

How smart are they?

Bluetick coonhounds are very intelligent, but beware that they are also very hard and difficult to train.