NBFAP Weekly Newsletter

April 4, 2016

What's Happening This Week...

Wednesday April 6:

  • Bible Study 7pm

Thursday April 7:

  • Daniel's Fast

Friday April 8:

  • Youth Rehearsal 6:30pm: this rehearsal is for preparation for Youth Sunday

Saturday April 9:

  • DOZ Prayer Brunch 11am: all ladies are invited to come out for this time of going higher in God!

Sunday April 10:

  • Deacon's Training 8am
  • TOK and Discipleship class 9:30am
  • Worship Service 11:15am
  • Hebrews Cafe will be selling dinners for $10,if you preorder now the cost is $8; this Sunday's special is baked chicken, greens, mac & cheese, and a cupcake.

Parenting Today’s Youth from a Christian Perspective

It is not a secret that parenting is a challenge. In fact sometimes parenting can be like trying to find your way through a maze. The important thing to remember is that the future of our children depends upon how we make our way through that maze.

One of the most powerful parenting tools there is, is the power of positive affirmation through our words. Children are like sponges, soaking in the messages around them, absorbing those messages into the fiber of their lives. These messages, whether intentional or unintentional, have the opportunity of leading our children either closer to understanding Gods values, or pushing them away from them.

Many young people today do everything in their power to rebel and shock their parents and elders, especially in the church. The newer generation frequently gives elders good reasons to criticize their attitudes and behaviors, especially with their language (vocabulary). With that being said, we as parents need to be an example to others in our speech. (To be an example "In Word" involves our choice of words, the content of our words and the delivery of our words.) Our vocabulary must be free from the swearing, cursing and filth that permeates the hearts and minds of the unsaved. (Costella, 2016)

I challenge YOU right now to stop yelling, (For Example; “Be quiet,” “No you cannot have that!” and “Later, I’m busy”), amongst some of the other harsh words we might say. Scripture tells us that "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" (Matt. 12:34).

Praise your children every day

Praise is something that needs to be a deliberate part of our everyday lives. If we’re not intentional, we’ll find that days, months, and years have passed - and with them, opportunities missed. Therefore, when our tongues spew forth negativity or filthy, unseemly words, we know that a spiritual problem exists within our hearts that goes deeper than that which simply comes out of our mouths. Yes, our children pick up on this. Not only must we be an example in our choice of words, but we must be sure that the content of our speech is wholesome and edifying (Costella, 2016) .

Our praise is powerful, and the more we can focus on the good things in our children, the more of those good things we will ultimately see. While it’s important to praise our children for doing good things, there is great danger in neglecting the importance of their being. Our words must also reflect to our children that they are God’s workmanship, precious and valuable to us apart from their actions, because they are God’s creation, fearfully and wonderfully made (Fileta, 2016)

By not communicating articulately, intelligently, clearly, and with kindness, we can forfeit an opportunity to not only be a good example but to present the Gospel to the lost or to edify other believers who need to hear a word of encouragement, OUR CHILDREN.

Works Cited

Costella, M. (2016). Lead By Example - A Challenge to Today's Christian Youth. Fundamental Evangelistic Association.

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Sis Rikki Carter

The Word of The Lord:One Voice One Sound - April 3, 2016

Let the voices arise and make one sound

That one voice is heard

One voice in unison

One voice in harmony, that rises

One voice in harmony, let it rise

One voice making a mighty sound through out the earth

One voice crying out

One sound lifted up to the almighty

Making a sound upon the earth

Making a sound that resonate in the earth

Making a sound that reaches the heavens

Making a sound to the God that made heaven and earth

Making a sound that shatters sound waves

Seen as one to heaven

Seen as one in heaven

One sound

One voice

Acts 4:24-31

Remember The Deployed

If you would like to keep in touch with the members of the body who are currently deployed or if you would like to send a care package, the addresses as well as the email addresses are listed below. Please keep all of the deployed military members in prayer.

Welcome back Latoya! We thank God for your safe return!

Erica Raby

CW2 Raby, Erica

46th Transportation CO.

Unit # 15382


APO, AP 96257


Brent Raby

SSG Raby, Brent

602nd Support

Maintenance Company

APO, AE 09330


Casey Guidry

SPC Guidry

602nd SMC

APO AE 09330


Deacon Prince


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