Lancaster Newspaper

By: Ainsley Wissler and Damion Rice

Read All About Past Progressive Tense

On Thursday, December 17th, Mrs. McKnight’s fifth period class learned about past progressive tense. Damion Rice and Ainsley Wissler taught the class exactly what this phrase means. Past progressive tense starts off like any other sentence. For example, your sentence can be: I read. To turn that sentence past tense you would spell it the same way, but you pronounce it differently. To make the sentence past progressive tense, the sentence will be: I was reading. You must add the helping verbs was or were, and you need to add -ing to the verb.

More Examples!!!


Was and were are the only two helping verbs you may use! If you use is, am, or are, your sentence turns into Present Progressive. If you use the helping verbs will be, your sentence turns into Future Progressive.