Health & Safety

By: Keeley Bulza, Beka Tayar, Ryan Hurst, Josh Gibson

Why is Health and Safety important?

Why is health and safety important, well we will tell you. Health and Safety is important because if you don't have the safety rules many people can get hurt which may lead to court. If they come to work sick they should be sent back home to rest because if they could be in there office without anyone around they could have heart attack and possible die. There are many more reasons but that is just a few example.

Support "Why is Health and Safety Important"

Sticking to the rules is very important: "Sticking to correct procedures and using the right equipment." This is showing a safety condition because if you do not use the right equipment or do not follow the rules then you and others at work may get hurt which can lead to serious thing. For example if Jimmie gets hurt and sues the company then they would have to go through a lot of money and a lot of problems. The next quote is important: "A healthier workforce really does make for a healthier business." This is a quote that shows safety, because, if your worker is sick and they do not go home then there can be some serious damage if the worker gets hurt or gets more sick. For example if Jimmie went to work sick and got really hurt then he could cause some serious damage to that company.