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Canandaigua Middle School- 7th Grade

January 2015

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Math- Mr. Crnkovich & Ms. Reynolds

In Periods 4, 8 and 9 we are starting a unit on rates and proportions. It deals with many everyday issues of money and travel. Practical uses of math that every student will be able to use in their daily lives. Period 3 is starting a unit on angles as they learn introductory lessons of geometry.

Social Studies- Mrs. Chapman

In social studies, we are completing a short unit on the creation of the Constitution. Students will have a test on Thursday, January 14 in class. Students have been working on "creative notes" in class. This type of note taking style has students analyze the information presented to them in class and draw pictures to help them remember key concepts. These notes can be used on their test on Thursday. The test covers note sheets #12, #13, and #14.

Next week we will start learning about the details of the Constitution. We will discuss the three branches of government, how we elect our President and how changes can be made to the Constitution. This unit can be more challenging for some students and I am available after school to help students understand these concepts.

English- Ms. Gerstner & Mrs. Canough

This month, we will be reading the novel Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. Throughout the reading, we will be analyzing the main character, Matilda Cook, while asking students to consider the following: Do life experiences have an impact on one’s character? Throughout this unit, students will be completing multiple short responses as well as multiple short reading quizzes to check for understanding. An essay will be written at the conclusion of the unit.

In addition to reading Fever 1793, students will be exposed to various non-fiction readings that will provide background knowledge on the setting of our novel, Philadelphia 1793. Students will also make cross-curricular connections in science and social studies as we study the time period and how disease is spread.

Please note, students will be reading selected chapters in class while other chapters will be assigned for homework in addition to other assignments.

Science- Mr. Anderson

In science, students are studying the species interaction portion of the Ecology Unit. They have dissected owl pellets and Goldenrod galls to see how species impact each other in our local environment. The Ecology unit test will be later this month as well as the start of the Track Trackers Project.

Please remember that students always have the option of quiz and test corrections.

Other Dates:

  • 1/14- Unit 4 Social Studies Test
  • 1/29- End of the 2nd Marking Period