Internet Safety

Three different tips on Internet safety

Making a smart password for your online cites

When choosing a password for your online cites, make sure you pick a password that you don't use on everything else. Also make sure you tell your parents your password so they can write it down. If people know your password they could hack into your account and say things that you wouldn't want people to or to spread rumors.

Three things your shouldn't do on your social media

  1. Don't become friends with people that you don't no or don't like.
  2. Don't post stuff that you wouldn't like your grandmother to see.
  3. Don't put your personal information on your page

Cyber bullying

You shouldn't cyber bully because your family and friends wont look at you the same, they probably won't like knowing their son or daughter, friend, and grandson or granddaughter are cyber bully's. Also you could get in alot of trouble or even loose that social media cite.