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What Is A Cigarette

A cigarette is a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking. About 4,000 chemicals are in a cigarette such as acetone, ammonia, and DDT.

What Smoking Can Cause

Smoking is very unhealthy and it can cause horrible things to the body. For example, out of all the poisons and chemicals a person breathes in they smoke, emphysema can cause a person to have extreme difficulty breathing.
Out of all the poisons and chemicals a person breathes in when they smoke, atherosclerosis can cause a heart attack or stroke. Usually when someone has a heart attack or a stroke they have a 50% chance of dying.
When a person smokes for a long time that means they're not able to stop. Meaning they have a psychological dependence on nicotine called an addiction. Researchers proved that 75% of people are addicted.
Smoking can change skin, teeth, hair, and other things that deals with appearances.

How to prevent smoking

*Parents can set a positive example for their children by not smoking, their kids won't smoke
*Schools can set up no smoking programs to educate students
*States can pass a rule to increase taxes for cigarettes, so people wouldn't buy them
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