Keowee's Flash Forward

News from Your Assistant Principal, Rhonda Grant


We have officially completed SCREADY testing this week. The final classes tested in math in the labs and all ELA make-ups were administered. A BIG thanks to Andrea for her help in getting the make-up tests finished. We are now set to begin SCPASS testing in science and social studies. 4th and 5th graders head to the labs next week to get started. Please continue to encourage the students!

This week we had a visit from the State Literacy Coach, Jennifer Brown. She was very complimentary of Keowee, and remarked not only on the great things she observed in her classroom visits, but also on the friendliness of everyone in the building and the wonderful manners of our students. We hear it often, but my heart swells with pride every time a visitor comments about the family-friendly atmosphere of our school and about our sweet students. Thanks to all of you for always greeting others in the hallways, and for instilling the values of respect and responsibility in our students each day.

Don't forget our annual staff appreciation lunch today. The chicken is marinating, and Holliday will soon be firing up the grill. The homemade pasta salad is chilling, and the sandwich fixins will soon be ready. Josh and I consider it an honor to prepare lunch for all of you--it's a simple token of our appreciation for ALL you do every day for KES.

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Precise Language: It’s Never Too Early

What’s the difference between coordinate plane and graph? Between antagonist and bad guy? Learning academic language is vital to success in school. For your students, knowing the difference between these words could mean:

  • gaining insight into a foundational concept
  • better understanding a question on a state test
  • communicating more precisely

For example, the root word in denominator is Latin for name, which can help students understand that you only add or subtract fractions that have the same name. By contrast, the expression bottom number doesn’t convey this concept, and it’s also misleading, as the entire fraction is the number; the bottom digit isn’t a number by itself.

Students acquire complex vocabulary and technical terminology gradually during their years in school. However, they’re never too young to learn that there are precise words for things. I've included a chart below that depicts a few common precise terms, their fuzzy impostors, and some reasons why to teach the precise terms. Also, this week's video you’ll see Pre-K students enact the role of engineers in building bridges using precise terminology.

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Core Essentials Trait for May is...

Contentment--deciding to be happy with what you've got

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Word of the Week...

The WOW for May 9-13 is irate. On Friday, we will have two students from Mrs. Quarles's 2nd grade class on the news to share their original sentences using the WOW.

John Collins FCAs for May

K Punctuation/end marks (mechanics)

1 Details with elaboration (content)

2 Write a complete compound sentence (mechanics)

3 Use quotation marks in direct speech (mechanics)

4 Use commas & end punctuation with direct quotations (mechanics)

5 Indefinite pronouns with singular verb (mechanics)

Friday At The Movies

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Click on the link below to view this week's video.

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Monday, May 9 3rd Grade trip to Columbia

May 11-13 SC PASS Science Labs A & B

Friday, May 13 2nd Grade Literacy Fair

May 16-19 5th Grade Trip to Washington, DC

May 16-19 SC PASS Science & Soc. Studies Lab A

May 23-24 SC PASS Soc. Studies Labs A & B

Thursday, May 26 PBIS Scoops of Fun

Thursday, May 26 Subway Night

Friday, May 27 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Ball

Friday, May 27 Chorus to Carowinds

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 31 Field Day

Wednesday, June 1 Awards Day

June 1-2 Early Dismissal @ 11:30