the five people you meet in heaven

By Mitch Albom

The Beginning

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom is about an old geezer named Eddie who spends most of his time working as a maintenance man at Ruby Pier. In accordance to the text, the author Mitch Albom fabricates a realistic countdown to tell the reader how many minutes their are until the time of Eddie's death occurs. In chapter one their was a young girl said to be eight years old who's name was either Amy or Annie, stood before Eddie and asked "can you make me an animal." Eddie happily made the animal out of yellow pipe cleaners. Eddie later asked " where is your parents?" She responded "Riding the rides." He replied "Without you?" She said "My mom's with her boyfriend." What Eddie doesn't know is that this little girl plays a role in his death. Later that day a woman yelled "THOSE PEOPLE ARE GONNA FALL!" Eddie immediately heard her and ran. Eddie saw the little girl on the ride and attempted to save her in a heroic way, however the odds were not in his favor. Eddie had died trying to save that little girl from before. Eddie was sent to heaven after his death and there he meets five people. This is where the book truly begins.

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Eddie's Appearance

As said in the book "Eddie was a squat, white haired old man, with a short neck, a barrel chest, thick forearms, and a faded army tattoo on his right shoulder. His legs were thin and veined now, and his left knee, wounded in the war, was ruined by arthritis. He used a cane to get around. His face was broad and craggy from the sun, with salty whiskers and a lower jaw that protruded slightly, making him look prouder than he felt. He kept a cigarette behind his left ear and a ring of keys hooked to his belt. He wore rubber soled shoes. He wore an old linen cap. His pale brown uniform suggested a working man, and a working man he was."

About Eddie

Eddie is an 83 year old maintenance man, who has dedicated his life to working at Ruby Pier. At the start of the story, we do not know much about Eddie, except for his age and occupation. We learn the most about Eddie when he takes his journey through heaven. As Eddie meets all five people in heaven, we the readers, as well as Eddie, gain much insight to his life and how it affected others. Eddie was very depressed and full of regret during his life on earth. As a child, Eddie’s ambitions were to attend school and become an engineer; he wanted nothing to do with Ruby Pier or become a maintenance worker. When Eddie got older he knew he wanted to join the army. During war he got very injured and had to stop fighting in the army. After that it changed Eddie's life forever. Now all he wanted to do was to dedicate his life to Ruby Pier and work as a maintenance worker. When Eddie was younger he saw a bunch of bullies picking on his older brother, and like Eddie's rambunctious self he ran into the seen to defend his brother against the bullies. This goes to show of Eddie is a courageous and outgoing person who puts everyone but himself first.


The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom is overall a well written observation about what heaven is genuinely like. I recommend this thriller novel to new readers who enjoy unraveling the secrets of the world. This book was well written in text and theory, but most of all emotion. Mitch Albom not only captured the true inner emotion of the protagonist named Eddie, Albom also included his own feelings in the text. As we all know many authors feel as though writing is like therapy, however, in Mitch Alboms mind it's an escape. He mentions the setting as if he was there, as if he were Eddie. The characterization was splendid, the setting was phenomenal, and most of all the theory of heaven was on point. In the end, the whole book was an amazing read, and I loved every second of it.