The Adventure of Perseverance

By: Noelle Thorne

Compare and Contrast//Ways to Live Forever

Sam and Felix have a lot of similar adversities to overcome throughout the story "Ways to live Forever." Both of these characters have to live with severe diseases. They both want to make the most out of their lives before sadly their time comes. They do this by making list of things they want to do...kind of like a buck it list. Another thing Sam and Felix have in common is the fact that they always ask questions. They are always wanting more knowledge about things. However a difference they have is that towards the end of the story, Sam has to live without his best friend but Felix never had to experience life like that. Sam and Felix both show perseverance throughout the whole book by staying strong and being combative toward the adversities they are faced with.
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Cause and Effect//Spare Parts

"Spare Parts" is a book with many different examples of perseverance. All of the characters face many adversities throughout the story. For example, when something wasn't working with building the robot they didn't give up. They may have felt like they had no hope but there was always someone there to adhere to the others. As a result of having perseverance in rough times they finally mustered up enough courage to go compete and win first place in the competition! All of the characters were affected by this because it helped them get to the top. One team that just wished not to finish last, made it to the top overcoming all kinds of adversities along the way.
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Unstoppable Text//Problem & Solution

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Sequencing//Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on March 1, 1994. He was raised by a single mom. He has always had an interest in music and when his mom bought him a drum kit for his second birthday he says he was basically "banging on everything." When Justin's first album hit stores November 2009 he went from and untrained singer whose mother posted YouTube videos of her boy performing. However, Justin had some rough teenage years. He was a troublemaker and made many mistakes. He got lots of backlash from the public and hate on the internet from his bad decisions. However, Justin took a break from all of the publicity to take some time to become more mature and it worked. He did not falter one bit on making his huge comeback with his pretty recent album Purpose. This brought lots of attention to his career but it was a venture. He made it on the pop charts and has continued to stay there for a while now. Justin is a very grateful and thankful guy because of all the love and support everyone has showed for him through his tough journey.
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Description//Caine's Arcade

Caine was not like any ordinary kid. Everyday he would wake up and go to work with his dad and one day, he built something extraordinary. An arcade! Out of cardboard. A cardboard arcade. He had a huge imagination and thought of every game possible that he could make out of cardboard. He charged people only $1-2 to play but never really got many customers. However, this did not cause him to yield and he stayed very persistent everyday. Finally, a kind man stopped by to play some games at Caine's arcade. He noticed something different in this little boy and noticed he had perseverance like not many kids his age. The man decided to spread the word and Caine ended up getting lots of business! If Caine hadn't persevered through the rough times he learned he would have never gotten all of the customers he ended up getting at the end. But he had patience and persistence and he never gave up.
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