Mrs. Davolt

English 9 and 10


I am your student's English teacher for the 2015-16 school year. This is my eighth year in Vancouver PS, but my first at Skyview. I feel so fortunate to be here and have enjoyed meeting your student over these first few weeks.

Education & Background

  • BA from University of Washington
  • I spent 4 years in retail management with Gap, Inc.
  • Master in Teaching from Concordia University Portland
  • This is my 8th year with Vancouver PS

English 9 Topics (major topics & texts)

First Semester

  • Short story
  • Characterization/POV
  • Excerpts from The Odyssey

Second Semester

  • Animal Farm
  • Picture Bride (?)
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Poetry

English 10

First Semester

  • Short story/Narrative
  • Cultural Conversations
  • Of Mice and Men

Second Semester

  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Julius Caesar or Midsummer's Night's Dream

Syllabus (Tenth grade one is nearly identical)

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40 Book Challenge

I've asked all my students to practice a growth mindset and grit through independent reading this year. Through reading, students can master new vocabulary, learn new ways of writing, and be exposed to world views that are different from their own.

I've challenged students to read 40 books this year. That's a lot! But, honestly, it's not about trying to read 40 books. It's really about trying to read more books than last year. For many students, reading "more than last year" is not that many books. Two? Four?

Ask your student how many books he or she read last year. Help him or her to set a higher goal. As you talk to your student about English class, ask what book he or she is currently reading or is planning to read. If you are reading a book, or finish one, tell your student about it. Make books a regular part of the conversation.

Periodically, I will assign tasks to learn more about what students are reading. These will often involve writing or speaking about their books and will be graded activities.