Moon Phases And Tide Changes

By Hannah Janessa Gabby Chandler

Moon Phases

Did you know the moon gose through many phases through out the month.The moon phases are caused by the position of the sun, earth, and moon.Did you know that month has its own moon for example March's  moon is the fish moon.

Tide Changes

There are 4 tides they are high tides low tides spring tides and neap tides.Tides are caused by the moon's gravity . Tides are partly coused by the sun's gravity.The waves go up with the moons gravity.Neap tides and Spring tides are 20 % higher or lower than usual tides.

Tide cycles

There are 4 tides there are called high tides, low tides ,spring tides, and neap tides.They change every 6 hours.Sometimes only one high tide and one low high appear in a day that is called a semi-diurnal


The  moon cycle or the lulnar cycle . To go through whole cycle it takes a month.There is nine different phases.Did you know that the moon effects your mood. Scientist belive that full moons effect yur behavior


1.How do the moon and tides relate to each other?The moons and tides relate because the moon gives gravity to the tides which  makes high tides.2.What are the prididcable patterns of change among the moons and tides?Moon: New Moon ,waxing crescent,first quarter,waxing gibbous,third quarter and,waning cressent.Tides: High tide,low tide,spring tide,and neep tide.3.What changes or effects do  think would occur if we did not have our moon?High tide would not appear.