Friday Flash Forward

Focusing on the Future - March 2nd to March 6th

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Take the WMS Parent-Teacher Conferences Challenge

We are challenging you to think outside the box to make the upcoming conferences an exciting, positive experience for all families. If your team chooses to accept this mission and win you will get lunch from administration. Below are links to help spark your creativity.

Meaningful P/T Conferences

Edutopia 5 Resources



Classroom Makeover Contest

From Feb 13th to March 3rd, you have time to makeover your classroom. The requirements that we will be looking for are: at least one sign of welcome, evidence of organization, display of student work, and color. In pairs, we will visit every classroom on March 4th in both buildings looking for these 4 requirements. The winner in each building will be announced during morning announcements along with receiving the award and a bag of goodies.

WTG Mad Money March Tickets on Sale.

They are $5 each or a book of 5 for $20. You can see any union RA for tickets.


Monday, March 2nd

  • A Day
  • 1:51 pm - Combined Faculty in Hamlet Cafeteria
Tuesday, March 3rd
  • B Day
  • 1:51 pm - CPT
Wednesday, March 4th
  • A Day
  • All Progress Reports Must Be Printed by Advisors
  • 1:51 pm - TDT
Thursday, March 5th
  • B Day
  • Progress Reports Distributed by Advisors
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences - 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Grading Book Study canceled due to conferences
Friday, March 6th
  • A Day

Upcoming Weekly Schedule

Monday, March 9th

  • B Day
  • 1:51 pm - SIT Room 124 Villa Nova
Tuesday, March 10th
  • A Day
  • 1:51 pm - CPT
Wednesday, March 11th
  • B Day
  • 1:51 pm - TDT

Thursday, March 12th

  • A Day
  • 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm Grading Book Study - Villa Nova Room 124
Friday, March 13th
  • B Day

Friday Flash Forward Featured Folks

We would love if you can sign up in advance for the week you'd like to be featured. Click here to choose your week. A friendly reminder will be emailed to you a week in advanced of the due date you choose.

Blended Learning Conference - Sat. March 7th

The Highlander Institute’s 4th Annual Blended Learning Conference will be held in Providence, Rhode Island at the University of Rhode Island Providence Feinstein Campus on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 from 8 A.M to 3:00 P.M. The conference will convene local, regional, and national experts sharing their models, products and insight to support innovative classroom practices around blended learning and technology integration!

Register for a low registration fee ($32.94) here.