The Middle Colonies

By: Autumn .W.


Jobs in the Middle Atlantic Colonies were Farming,planter owners,merchants,and slave sellers,fishers,harvesters,blacksmiths,shipbuilders,papermaking companies,lumbering & many more jobs.The trading opportunities were sugar, grain, wheat, fish, paper, iron, rice, indigo, corn, cattle, wood, ships.They had slave to work in the field or the house of the planter that owns them.


The Colonies

As you may know, The middle colonies are New York,New Jersey,Pennsylvania,and Delaware.William Penn founded Pennsylvania in 1682,Duke of York founded New York in 1664,Lord Berkily& sir George Carteret in 1664, & Peter Minuit founded Delaware And New Sweden Co. in 1638. Most were started because they wanted religious freedom, and trade profit. New York thouw was because land was sold at low prices.

Climate and religion

The summers there were long with fertile soil, good for farming. There were a lot of different religion such as Catholics,jews,lutherans,quakers and more.