Panther Planner

Week of June 1-5, 2020

Weekly Update

Dear Paloma Families,

This is the last Panther Planner of the 19-20 school year...and I have to say it is a bit bittersweet. We know that this year didn't end the way that any of us expected with the fun, fanfare, and festivities that are typical for the end of a school year. I hope that you do not let these last few months overshadow the hard work, happy memories, and huge growth that has taken place. We are so grateful for the way our Paloma students and families have embraced the challenges of Distance Learning and have done so with determination, grace, and collaboration with our staff. THANK YOU!

By now, I'm sure that you all know that Tuesday, June 2nd, is the last instructional day of this school year. It has certainly been a unique final quarter of the school year. As we enter into the final 2 instructional days we want to once again thank you for partnering with us during this time of Distance Learning.

Please be sure to read the information in the sections BELOW to gain the information needed as we collect devices and instructional materials, scheduled for June 3-5.

While we do not yet know all the specific details of what the beginning of the next school year will look like, we know that as a Paloma family, we will take it on and rise to the occasion to make the best learning opportunities for our students. As of right now, we are hopeful that we will be able to open in August with some form of 'in-person' instruction happening in our classrooms. We will be sure to share additional updates as they become available to keep all of our Paloma families informed.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. I am happy to provide assistance in any way that I can. You may reach out to me initially via email and then we can determine how best to address your phone, GoogleHangout, etc. WE are here to help!

Sent with a 'virtual hug', and best wishes for a relaxing summer.

We look forward to seeing you all in August (and 'fingers crossed' we will)!!

WE ARE Panthers, WE ARE Kind, WE ARE 'Pawsitive', WE ARE Distance Learners, WE ARE Paloma!!!

Kim Mazelin


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Device Drop-Off & Materials Pick-Up ~ June 3rd - 5th

We are pleased to share our school plan for students to collect personal belongings and turn in Chromebooks and/or instructional materials, and we thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process in compliance with Riverside County orders. The last day of instruction and virtual meetings with teachers will be on Tuesday, June 2nd, and the remaining days of the week are scheduled for the exchange of instructional materials and student supplies.

If you have not already signed up for a time to drop-off the school device and instructional materials as well as pick-up personal belongings, please do so in the 'HOW TO SCHEDULE' section below.

How to Schedule...

Appointments for Drop-Off/Pick-Up can be scheduled through Sign-Up Genius.

Please include the name(s) of your children, and their teacher's name in the sign-up. You may include all of your children in the same sign-up.

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End-of-the-Year Information

A SPECIAL EDITION newsletter was sent to all PES families with end-of-the-year information. If you did not read it, here is a link to it for your convenience.

It contains A LOT of information that is very important and has answers to commonly asked questions. You can find it here:

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PES Handprint Tiles

You may have noticed that the tiles in front of the school have been removed. Unfortunately, over the years they have been falling off. The wall has been repaired multiple times over the years, however, the problem of the handprint tiles falling off has continued. In order to preserve as many as possible and prevent further damage to the tiles and the wall, the district maintenance department removed the tiles last week. They worked very hard to remove them as carefully as possible and most were able to be saved. We have collected the intact tiles and we will be sorting them and contacting families at a later date to see if they would like to keep them. They are not available at this time due to school closure, but we do intend to make every effort to return those that we can to the appropriate families.
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  • When can I pick it up?
  • Answer: Yearbook orders were extended to June 1. They are expected to be delivered mid/end July. Once they have arrived, families that ordered will be contacted to pick them up.
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Gifts for teachers/staff

  • Question: I have a gift for my child's teacher. Can I bring it to the school when I drop off/pick up items?
  • Answer: Teachers are unlikely to be on campus during the drop-off/pick-up days. If you have an item that could be sent to the teacher electronically, you are encouraged to do so. We are unable to collect gifts for teachers or staff at this time. Thank you for your consideration of the health/safety guidelines for all involved.