Blocked Schedule Learning

A Coppell High School Protest

Every student is diverse in their own way. Some like to stay up late and want more time to sleep in, some like longer lunches and time before classes to study, and some like to just get their school work done and have an extra day off from school. Did you know 2/3 students are stressed due to school? Stress can be very harmful for the body, leading to heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure! Homework, projects, and immense studying leads to this stress keeping kids up late and making them tired and lacking in their school life. There is one solution...

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Blocked Schedule learning offers a college-like schedule, extending classes and giving a student more time at home. A student will be given 2 hour classes 2 times a week (A total of 240 minutes) rather than the normal 52 minute classes 5 times a week (A total of 260 minutes). These new classes would be from 6 o'clock AM to 6 o'clock PM, leading to more time to study before exams in a class, more diversity to timing of schedules, and ultimately more time at home. This diversity in schedule could lead to "night owl students" having more time to sleep but later classes, "big study students" to have more available time to study before hard classes, and "students" who just want school over with to have full classes with a day off in the week.