My Side of the Mountain Unit

Here's how we will be testing your knowledge

Character Study

Choose your favorite character that you most relate to.. It does not have to be human! Create a short biography about the character detailing his or her life before and after the novel. This will be your character as you progress through the different levels of the unit.

The Arcade

Here are some fun interactive games you can play to compete with your classmates. We will set up a bracket tournament and the winner will receive a prize! You cannot pass to the next level until you get a certain amount of questions right.


To gain a better understand of the setting and elements that the main character Sam embraces and faces, build a shoe box diorama of his newfound home in the Catskills. Your masterpiece must contain at least 10 elements from the book in order to gain your ticket to the Oscars...

The Oscars

Instead of the usual book report, you will be forming acting troupes of 3-4 students to film your favorite theme from the book. Write your screenplay and then get in to character! Make sure everyone has an active part in the movie. We will have an Oscars class where we vote on different awards and hand out actual prizes!

Some of the topics you will be challenged on...

Themes, motifs, character development, societal critiques

Mr. Seebohm's Class

After my experience in EDIT 2000, I have realized that traditional ways of testing and teaching students has gone stale.. Throughout my units, I will try to incorporate gamification into the classroom to help best engage my students.