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Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Friday ladies! I cannot believe that it is only 5 days until I leave for Florida to attend our annual sales conference Hoopla! I cannot wait to see so many of you! And for those of you who I will be missing this trip, never fear! I will keep our Team Facebook page filled with photos, tips & teasers. Then leaders throughout North America will be hosting Mid Summer Rallies to bring Hoopla home to you! Check out the Event page for events in your area! They are being posted daily!

Our family is off to another road trip this weekend, so being organized this week has been mandatory. Here's what I am working on for my business:

* Dot dollar follow
* Creating a BIG list for hostesses to help me debut the new line
* Warming up these hostesses with an email
* Carving out time in my schedule to CALL the dot dollar customers and prospective hostesses! The fortune is in the follow-up!


PS-- You are already receiving a weekly training calendar from the Home office, various weekly newsletters/communications from our uplines and possibly oodles of notifications from the various Facebook groups. This is my weekly newsletter for our specific team! Let's jump into some fun and inspiring things that I wanted to share!

Welcome to new stylists!

Two lovely Canadians have joined us at Stella & Dot!! Welcome Leslie Saunders and
Sarah Pauw! So happy to have you both here!
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KUDOS to DANIELLE CURRY for booking 3 shows last night!

Did you read this success story on our team FB page last night?!? I had to share again. (I'm on the left, Danielle in the center and Kelly on the right)

I wrote about Danielle of Mountville, PA

Check out ROCKSTAR Dani Marie! She, her upline Kelly and I all met for some a power hour of margaritas and monograms-- hehe. Two hours later, Dani reported that she went home and booked not 1 but 2 shows!!! Whoop-whoop! Dani works a full time job. She made time tonight for Stella & Dot and WOW-- look at her results! So inspired! Dani, please share what you did!

By the time Danielle responded back to my post-- she had booked her 3rd show!! Here are Danielle's tips. She wrote:

Gina, Kelly, and I had some great conversations about the importance of warming up potential hostesses and making sure to follow up (Something that I have not been so good at!) We also talked about getting them exciting and using different buzz words like "debut hostess", girls night, and throwing out theme ideas. When I got home, I made my list of 10 potential hostesses, including 3 that I had contacted prior so this would be considered a follow up I contacted all 10 people via email, text, or FB (if I didn't have their number). By telling them about the new fall collection and reinforcing that it is a great opportunity to have a girls night I was able to book 2 shows in July and 1 in August I have not heard back from 6 people so will make sure I follow up with them! Margaritas + Motivation tonight!!!!! Thanks so much Kelly and Gina
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It's follow up Friday!

Who is "dialing for Dot Dollars" with me today?!?? My goal is to book one more July trunk show too! I'll be picking up the phone a lot today! These sneak peeks are too good!
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Congratulating Nandini Collins on Stylist Community!

On June 30th, our team promoted its first Star Stylist. I challenged the team to find Nandini's KUDOS post on the brand new Stylist Community in the Lounge and send her your congratulatory high-5! Stylist Community is an incredible new tool where we can ask questions, share successes and research answers.

I'm so glad that so many of you have found this brand new tool in the Stylist Lounge! I also loved reading all of your fun posts to Nandini! I said that I would pick 2 winners, from whomever posted a note to Nandini, to receive a pack of New Look books,

The winners of a pack of new Fall look books are:


Congrats ladies! I will get these shipped to you once they launch!
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Online Facebook chat for our team! Will you join us?

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Log on to our Team Facebook chat post-Hoopla! Tues 7/22!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

I'll be back from Hoopla and ready to chat with all of YOU! Join us for a high energy Facebook team chat!

Meet us here to chat!

Pour a glass of wine or cup of coffee, hang out on your couch (or in your back yard) with your computer and head over to this page. We will be discussing everything Stella & Dot and answering any questions you may have at the below Facebook link!! Hop on or off the chat at any time!

Enjoy your weekend ladies!!

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina

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