By: Eva Eaton

My Winter Break


My winter break was amazingly fun but it also was amazingly busy.

My winter break fun started just after school. (Well... if you call packing fun) We were going to Keystone, Colorado for Christmas.

Bright and early and the morning we awoke. Thanks to my dad we were all, "UP AND MOVING!!!!" (His words not mine) We all climbed in the car and began the 11 hour drive up to the mountain. :( We drove all day and finally stopped at a hotel for the night.

Again we were, "UP AND MOVING!" bright and early. When we arrived in Keystone we drove across town to my Grandparents Condo. When we opened the door the house was cold and dark. WE then proceeded to search every room in the house trying to find my Grandparents. When we came to the last door in the house we did not hesitate and threw open the door. There in the bed sound asleep was...... You guessed it! My Grandparents. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief and went downstairs to pack. Soon after, my Grandparents came downstairs. Then came the mushy stuff. I ran upstairs.

(3 days Later) It was two days till Christmas! At last! My cousins had safely arrived and the house smelled of cookies. The parents were going out to dinner so it was just us kids and the Grandparents. My Grandma did not want to cook dinner so we ordered a pizza. After dinner I realized that my belly felt weird. I did not think much of it then. I fell asleep feeling uncomfortable.

Then around 5 in the morning I woke up with a start. I now felt horrible. I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. I told my mom. She said it was probably just the way my belly did not like the pizza. BOY WAS SHE WRONG! During the rest of the night I threw up 7 more times. I was really sick. I stayed home all day and could not go skiing! Luckily it was just the 24 hour bug. But on Christmas Eve my brother caught it. He was way more sick then I was. He could not keep anything down. Not even water! It was DISGUSTING!

(2 days later) OMG! It was finally Christmas! I was so excited! (My poor brother was still sick) I got all that I really wanted (witch was not a lot) A few books. (My very favorites were of course, Flora and Ulysses, and When the Butterflies Came.The book trailers you will find are down below.) And some clothes.

Because my brother was sick we decided to leave early. So we said our good-byes and on Christmas night we packed up and began our drive back down the mountain.


After coming back from Colorado we were all tired. But against our wishes we started packing again. This time we were going to Florida. We had to go a day early because we were meeting my friend the next day. She was traveling as a unaccompanied minor so that means we had to go through all the procedures of getting to the gate. Then we had to pick her up and drive her home. But I did not mind. I love airplanes and airports.

It felt like I had just gone to sleep when I woke to the sound of my dad yelling. (Again) This time it sounded like this, "DUDE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS THING!" He was all the way downstairs and I could still here him. I rushed downstairs and saw that the garage was broken! Great. When dad looked at me he gave a warm smile and said good morning. Then he went back to yelling at the, "STUPID GARAGE!" Finally we were all ready and set off to the airport.

To happiness the airport was not busy. (We were all used to SUPER crowded airport of Washington D.C.) After getting to our gate we all settled down at the gate.

I woke up to the sound of the plane guy explaining how to board the plane. I sleepily got up and found my seat. It was that easy!

Again I awoke to the sound of the plane coming for a landing. (Also my ears hurt.) When we got of the plane the first thing I noticed was how busy the airport was. We had to get a rental car so we could drive to the hotel and that was busy too. My dad got in line at the rental car place and my mom my brother and I waited. This is what it was like.

At the Car Place

Florida Part 2

So you get the point. It was really boring. Then my dad came back and said that he could not come back till 12:00 and that we needed to wait two more hours. It was MISERABLE!

It was late so we just checked in to the hotel and went strait to bed.

In the morning I woke up and remembered that another family was coming. They had a 7 year old a 5 year old and a 2 year old. (Who is SO cute!) They (no offence to them) are chaotic! BUT they are still so much fun! We (my mom and I) had to again get up early to pick up my friend. When we got to the airport I looked around. I almost screamed. The lines were.................Crazy

After getting through the lines. (2 hours) we headed to the gate where we were to pick her up. At the gate we waited and waited. Finally my friend got off the plane. I was SO happy to see her. I had missed her so much! It took her a minute to see us but I did not care I was just staring her down noticing every little detail that had changed about her. For starters she had cut her hair. Just in the middle of my second observation she saw us. Her mouth broke into a wide smile. She ran over too us. We all said hi and I could tell she was looking at me too.

After making it back to the hotel I showed her around. She was not impressed. It was just a regular hotel room. The 7 and the 5 year olds did not make a good first impression on her. The 7 year old ran out and hit her with a pillow. The 5 year old finished it off by hitting her with a stuffed elephant. Ellie looked at me. I just shrugged.

The only thing Ellie loved about our timeshare was the fact that was had a pool right next door. (And Hotube) We all loved that. Then we all went swimming! It was way cool! The Hotube was HOT! And the pool was cold. Just right. We played in the pool for a LONG time. By the time we left it was time for dinner.

During dinner (witch was Mac-and-cheese) We discussed the plans for the week.

Monday: Magic Kingdom/Disney World

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Kennedy Space Center

Thursday: Universal Studios

Friday: Universal Studios

Saturday: Going Home :(

We awoke on Monday morning to the 2 year olds cries. I look at Ellie, she looks at me. This is going to be a long week. Then we both remember at the same time. We are going to Disney World! I jump out of bed and Ellie follows me. I throw on my clothes and brush my teeth. Cereal for breakfast. Today I really don't care. I shove the food down my throat. Time to leave! I bang open the door. No one follows me. I finally turn around. Everyone else is still getting out of bed! ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

I step out of the car. Ah! I sigh it's good to be back. Ellie has never been here before and she is standing there still taking it all in. The castle that you see in all the Disney movies is right inside those gates. When I finally snap back into focus I see that this is not going to be as fun as I thought. If you stop looking at the castle, then look down you will see the problem.


So you see the problem. To many people! The lines ore going to be crazy! I want to just kick those people, tell them to go home. Get the park all to my self. OR.... at least take away the lines. I am now not happy anymore. In order to get to the gates you have to take a boat or a train. We all chose the boat. Luckily everyone else chose the train.

On the boat I see many things. I see people's heads and I see the river. It is beautiful. There are so many coins in it. If someone went down and got all of them I would bet that they would instantly become a millionaire. The boat ride was a short one. When we arrived at the main place we got of the boat and got in line for tickets. For some odd reason we did not need tickets. So we just breezed past the hot and sweaty people in line and went to go rent a stroller.

Stroller rentals were not that bad. So we easily got that. Outside the stroller rentals was Pluto and A cat. They were greeting people and taking photos. I wanted to meet them. So I walked over to them. All of a sudden two guys jumped up and blocked me. "End of the line is that way Kid! Anyone teach you how to wait in line!" I looked over at the end of the line. HOLY COW! I was not doing that! NO matter what!

The first ride we did was Space Mountain. It is an indoor roller coaster. We do it every year. The line was not that bad actually. We were on the ride in no time.

Space Mountain is always my favorite ride. It is in pitch black the entire time. You go through so many drops and twists and turns. At least that what is feels like! I always feel like I am going to hit my head so I always end up in a little ball. I had to split up with my family because we could not fit everyone in the same stretch of cars. We meet my parents at the bottom. We were all a little shaken up. That's what Space Mountain does. We wandered around for a little while checking out the sights and looking at the rides. Unfortunately we had to leave soon after because the lines were just simply to long.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we did nothing. So there is nothing to tell you about.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we went to the Kennedy Space Center. That is where they make all of the space rockets and launch them. We saw the launch sight and the biggest truck in the world. It is used to carry the space shuttle from the place where that build it to the launch sight. And they are not lying it is BIG!

Thursday: I do not remember much about Thursday. I know it was our first day at Universal Studios and it was really fun.

The first ride was did was a River Adventure. You went of a tour and looked at Fake dinosaurs and in the end you did a huge drop. The second ride was did was my first big roller coaster. It was called the Hulk. I don't remember it because my eyes were closed. It was that scary.

Friday: I am clueless about this day! I don't remember anything.

New Years: On New years we TRIED to stay up did not work.

Well that was Florida!