My Poems

By Draiden Waycaster

Personification Poem

I am a cloud

I fly in the sky

Floating over your head

I bring rain out of the sky

Making shapes in your head

I am a cloud


There once was a janitor named Bill.

He never had a thrill,

till one day he went wishing

and went fishing.

Then went to town to find Jill.

Rhyme Scheme

There once was a mare,

that was named Jane.

She found some mice,

And then had no mane.

Exaggeration Poem

I dug in the dirt a mile deep,

And I found treasured gold.

I jumped on clouds,

Then swam the ocean,

And ran across the world.

My eyes were dollar signs,

And torn down my school.

I told my friends and they bounced off the walls,

Then told my dog and flew like a bullet in the sky

My mom and dad smiled so big their smiles covered their faces.

We ran to the jewelry store to find out,

that it was a piece of junk


A small dragonfly

zoom here, zoom there, zoom here, zoom

and flies by me

Blazon Poem

My hair messed up like as a bears

My eyes brown as fur

My attitude like a floating leaf passing by

My energy like sloths

My poem is scattered like dog hair

Acrostic poem

Smooth scales in the grass

Now misunderstood

Amazing creatures

Killing in the night

Evil is not a snakes attitude

Color Poem

Blue is the sky

Blue is the scales of fish

Blue smells like fresh blueberries

Blue taste sour warheads

Blue sounds like waves hitting the beach

Blue looks like a clear day

Blue feels like my new coat

Blue makes me feel happy

Blue is the Lost City Of Atlantis


Ode to rivers

River, oh rivers I enjoy you

You make float all day

And helped me swim during that day

And help me cool down during hot days

I enjoy your gleam and fish

So I can fish all day

Your sound helps me sleep

Cinquain Poem


Scaly, large

Slithering, climbing, striking

Silent as the night



Smooth ,small

Hopping, climbing, catching

Living in the water


Make Me Think Of

Fishing makes me think of rivers

Rivers make me think of Kayaking

Kayaking makes me think of lakes

Lakes makes me think of boats

Boats makes me think of trout

Trout makes me think of fishing