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Norfolk Jr High

By Hailey Koenig

Snazzy Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to communicate with your friends. When you sign into Snapchat, you are able to search for your friends to add them to your contacts. When you have added your friends and you want to message them, you have a few choices. The first choice you have is too take a picture or video. When you take a picture, you can set the time so that the person you are sending it to can only see it for that long. Your time can be set for 1-10 seconds and you can't save the picture, but you could screenshot it. The next option you have is to next your friends. When you slide your finger to the screen that says who you have snapped lately, you just slide the username to the right, and a texting screen appears. When you text someone and slide out of it your message will be deleted.The only way you can save your message is tapping on it.
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Hailey Koenig has lived a very eventful and exciting life. She graduated from Norfolk Senior High and then went on to the University of The Arts in Phillidalphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a degree in Perfoming Arts and later on opened her own dance studio in Pennslyvania. She is married and has two kids, enjoys traveling, reading and running. She also enjoys traveling with her dance team to compete in dance competitions. When she was a teenager, she worked at Starbucks and helped teach classes at her local dance studio. In high school,she was a part of the dance team called the Pink Panthers, and performed at football and basketball games. Hailey enjoys choreographing dances for kids of all ages. Hailey also has a little Pomeranian named Cherrio which comes with her to every competition. She has had a very eventful life and has enjoyed every second of it.
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Soul Surfer Movie Review

The movie Soul Surfer is a very inspiring story. It tells about the life of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage surfer who was on the road to becoming a professional surfer. Bethany and her friends were out surfing in the ocean when a shark came up and attacked Bethany on her surf board. Bethany was immediately rushed to the hospital, but she did lose her left arm. Now Bethany has to learn how to do everyday things with only one arm. Even simple tasks such as making a sandwich or folding laundry was difficult for Bethany to do. The most difficult thing for Bethany to do was surf, she had to learn how to push herself up on her surf board and how to paddle out to the water. During the whole process of learning how to surf again, Bethany was never afraid to go back in the water. Shark attacks are very rare, and Bethany was too passionate about surfing to just give up. This movie is a great movie for any age, plus it also has a great meaning behind it.

Soul Surfer Official Trailer #2 - (2011) HD

Feature Story

Gabby Douglas has always been Olympic Material. She started gymnastics when she was only 6-years-old, and by the time she was 8, she was Virginia's State champion. When Gabby was 14, she made the tough decision to leave her family to train with Liang Chow, who also guided Shawn Johnson to a gold medal. Eventually that training paid off. Gabby won fourth all around at the U.S Junior National Championship. Gabby was a member that won a gold medal in the team finals at the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Tournament. When Gabby finally made it to the Summer 2012 Olympics, her team was the first team to win gold for the American Women's gymnastics team since 1996. After her team won the gold, Gabby later went on the individual events. She was the first African American to win gold in the prestigious event. She also completed the uneven bars and the individual beam, but placed seventh and eighth. Gabby couldn't win the gold medal alone, with the help of her team mates Kyla Ross,McKayla Maroney, Aly Raismen, and Jordyn Wieber, they accomplished their greatest goal. Gabby was later nicknamed, “The Flying Squirrel” for her flying like motion on the uneven bars. To show the world about her accomplishments and struggles through her journey to the gold, Gabby has made a movie about her life called, “The Gabby Douglas Story.” Gabby has accomplished many amazing things in her life, but it took a lot of hard work and determination.
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Nursery Rhyme

On Tuesday May 13th, 2013, Melissa Muffet was in Paris on a school trip when a terrifying creature came out towards her. Melissa was casually drinking her beverage at the outdoor cafe called Coffee. She was sitting down in her chair, when a huge black creature emerged from the bushes in front of her. This creature was a 2 ft. long and 2 ft. wide spider. Melissa threw her steaming hot coffee at the spider to buy her some time as her friend ran inside the cafe and told the cafe owner what was happening. The owner immediately called the local police to come and get the spider away from the customer. When the police arrived, they tranquilized the spider and loaded it up in the jeep. The spider was taken to the zoo for further investigation and will not be able to be seen by zoo visitors or by any outside citizens. Melissa and her friend were not harmed, but Melissa was given a new coffee for her bravery. Melissa has been interviewed for many popular television shows and magazines.
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Inspirational Quote

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