Database Mining

Databases and Data Mining Systems

Managing Databases

Every type of information system will have a database involved as a key element, it is a key part to making sure an information system is created. Databases are basically a place to store data and information on a hard drive or server, and are usually accompanied by some sort of search or index to make finding records easier.

Data Mining Systems

This is a tool that is used to find trends within information systems, this can be in the form of most common stock takings or even keeping track of common trends in the market. It can be used to find an assortment of different information including information that the user cannot find manually.

An example of where this can be used is in a store, a database will tell the organisation how much money is being made and the total number of customers, but what it will not tell you is what items are the most popular within customers who are buying and selling, this obviously depends on what the user is buying because purchasing low value items will contribute to the average sales minimally whereas high valued items will improve the average massively.

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