Magyk-Who Will Win The Battle?

Danny Novak

Never give up.


The book is about a wizard family named the Heaps. Septamis Heap got lost one day, and was pronounced dead. On the same day, Silas Heap, the oldest living Heap, found something in the snow. It was a baby girl. So, he took her to his house, and found out the baby was the missing queenling, and the daughter of the dead queen. The Heaps named her Jenna. Jenna becomes a powerful wizard. DomDaniel sends assassins after the queenling so that he can stay in power. DomDaniel uses dark magyk to take over and to get revenge on whoever gets in his way. The Heaps and Jenna have an epic battle against DomDaniel and his crew.
The main setting of the story is in the swamp. The other settings are in a forest, kingdom, and a cave.


The conflict in the story is a guy named DomDaniel trying to kill a girl named Jenna. He sends assassins to kill her, but they were defeated by a family named the Heaps. Then, he tries to kill Jenna himself at sea, but Jenna and her friends find a boat and fight back destroying the ship and killing the crew. DomDaniel comes back, but gets zapped by lightning and dies. Then, the Heap's and Jenna live at their Aunt Zelda's house, and find out that the Heaps long lost brother was with them the whole time.

"About the Author"

Angie Sage was born in London, England. She lived in London until she was nine, when her family moved to a village in Kent. When she was 23 years old she went to art school where she studied graphic design; She spent years illustrating children's books before she began to write.

Angie Sage