The 2014 Vintage Culture CX-7 Model

By Vintage

2014 Vintage Culture CX-7

The 2014 Vintage Culture CX-7 is an all-new electric car. It is guaranteed to come with amazing features, a sleek design, extreme comfort and top-notch performance, it's a game changer, only for $35,200.


This car runs solely on electricity, with a charging time of only 5 which makes it is the only one of it's kind. Our company teamed up with the leading innovations company MAIDEN and created the Sunzet™ electric engine; which was born from the ashes of past electric engines, with an efficiency of 90.7%, beating most competitors.


The design of the car was crafted with comfort, style and simple accessibility. The exterior of the car is more aerodynamic allowing it to increase in speed quicker with less effort. A sleek, stylish car often mistaken for a hybrid, it's all electric, and is simply beautiful. Nothing is ever out of reach, the buttons and dials are orientated towards the driver allowing a user-friendly layout, that is sure to make an impression.


Many features of the Culture include its precision steering for more control, and for a more relaxed drive. The car uses LED head and back lights, that can automatically change brightness depending on its surroundings. This car will never fail to meet your expectations whether its a family trip or a drive to work.


The Culture will feel like home on wheels, if that's not too cliche. The front and passenger seats are wider, giving a more comforting and welcoming feel. There is also more space in the car, for a less confined trip. And it has one of the most sound-dead engines, using a noise suppressor to create an almost soundless drive.


The performance of the Vintage Culture is nearly impeccable, quick acceleration, smooth braking, precision steering, easy handling and just an all around layback, comfortable drive. It's suspension also will create a very smooth drive with almost no rough runs.