Module Nine - Appearance

October 25, средa - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в среду?

  • We continue learning about family. This week we are learning how to talk about the appearance of your family members.
  • Today, on Wednesday, review Module Nine Vocabulary: Appearance

Grades - Check your grades and my comments asap.

  • Please remember, you are welcome to ask to review your assignments by coach or instructor if you are not sure if you are doing it right.
  • Many of you still have not turned in:
    - School project from Module Seven
    - Family Discussion Forum from Module Eight
    - "I have" sentences with recordings
  • Spring Break time is coming

    Several students have already asked. NCVPS does not have Spring break. This means our conversation sessions and modules will run as usually. What do you have to do if you have plans? I will be opening modules and you can work ahead or catch up when you get back (if you have plans). You need to notify your coach and teacher when your Spring break is. I will excuse you form conversation sessions that week if you can not attend.

    Review below how to agree Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives with nouns for "I have" Assignment in Module Eight (last week)

    Practice using Possessive pronouns this activity.
    Practice adjectives endings with this activity. Remember, you have to identify the gender of nouns first before adding the ending to the adjectives.
    Review Gender of Russian nouns with this resource.
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    Reading: Appearance

    Task 1:

    Use this recording to practice reading sentences below. (Links to an external site.)

    Task 2: Choose the correct words that describe the image. Practice with coach.
    Note: if you have trouble understanding the sentences you need to go to the vocabulary and study it.

    Как она выглядит? - How does she look like?

    • Это красивая девушка.
    • Это молодая девушка.
    • У неё красивое/некрасивое лицо.
    • У неё зeлёные/карие/голубые глаза.
    • У неё светлые/тёмные волосы.
    • У неё короткие/длинные волосы.
    • У неё светлые/чёрные брови.
    • У неё маленький/большой нос.
    • У неё большие/маленькие губы.
    • У неё красные/розовые губы.

    Alexander Pushkin

    The male image from the appearance in today's folder if of Alexander Pushkin.
    Alexander Pushkin is hailed as the father of Russian literature. He is as revered by Russians as Shakespeare is by the British but he is not as well known in the West as Russian literary giants like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. His birthday, June 6, is a day of Russian Language in Russia as Pushkin is believed to polish Russian language and and made it sound so beautiful in so many poems, novels, stories.

    Life of Alexander Pushkin

    Read Pushkin's poems in translation. Unfortunately, they lose so much in translation, but until you can read the originals, it's better than nothing!
    Big image
    Some great questions are still coming from the discussion about Russian life.
    Paul has asked why Russia has such a huge territory and people live in such small apartments. Great question Paul!
    The reason is that all the dwelling during Soviet Union was built by the government, there was no competition, no private businesses were allowed so as a result there was no really incentive to make better dwellings, spend more on them taking to consideration they were given for free to the workers (those who waited for them about 10-15 years). Of course there were better apartments built for the government employees. This is an example of the socialist regime. It is given for free, but the quality and people needs are not really taken to the consideration.

    Need to reach your teacher

    On the image: in Budapest, Hungary.