4th Grade News

February 1st, 2015

Things to know about this week...

Goals this week:

Math: I CAN use pictures and multiplication to make equivalent fractions.

I CAN relate fractions to decimals and percents.

I CAN multiply fractions by whole numbers.

I CAN use information to make line plots and determine probability.

ELA: I CAN identify common themes in narrative poems!

I CAN understand how stanza and repetition is used in poetry!

I CAN understand a word's connotation and identify its denotation!

I CAN correctly use pronouns and homophones!

I CAN spell words with a variant short /o/ sound!

Universal Design for Learning - Guideline 8 on Engagement

Students show how they can collaborate to solve problems. This week they completed their Friday reading assessment. Instead of submitting it right away, students chose to go through and review the test in small groups. It was nice to hear them read together and share answers. Most importantly, I loved seeing them justify their answers by using text evidence. They rated this activity as very helpful.

Find the Newsletter and Homework below:

Birthdays This Week:

Sophie Paul - 2/2

Owen Vance - 2/2

Britney Ampadu 2/7