Web Authoring Software

By Jack Patt & Jordan Moyes


Generic software that could be used when developing a website:

Web Authoring Software - Dreamweaver

Word Procesing - Microsoft Word

Desktop Publishing - Microsoft Publisher

Design Features

- Add and format text.

- Text can be sized, coloured etc.

- Add tables.

- Import data from other software packages.

- Add hyperlinks to other pages.

- Use anchors to navigate to different areas of the site.

- Add mailto link.

- Ability to preview website in different browsers.


- Can move from one place to another on the same web page.

- Move to another page.

- Move to a completely different website.

- Textual or Graphical.

- Textual hyperlinks are just words in blue and underlined to show link.

- Graphical hyperlinks are images that can be used to move to a different page.

- Hyperlinks are also available in presentation software, Powerpoint.

- Action buttons are used to navigate between different pages.


- Fonts can be altered.

- Produce bulleted lists.

- Create columns of text.

- Create tables.

- Add borders and shading.


Frames are used to split a window into sections. Using frames you can display two or more webpages at a time. You do not need to have whole web pages in a frame as you can have sections of web pages in one frame.