Project 6 - Shed Some Light on It

Konstantin Ivkin

Final Result

Software: Illustrator, Inventor

Hardware: Laser Engraver

Why this project would be desirable to users?

This projects provides customers with elegant, inexpensive, and cool looking product. Modern style will attract young people and customers who are looking for neat decor pieces. Lamp can be manufactured using different colors, thus creating custom feel for the buyers.

What obstacles did you face?

My first obstacle was that Inventor file did not show up in Auto Desk the way I wanted. I had to resort to Illustrator in order to create puzzle pieces that would work. In Illustrator i had trouble with dimensions of the pieces. This problems caused me to spend more time on this project than I expected. If I had to do this project again I would plan out my actions more carefully.

What was interesting? What did you learn?

I liked to use different programs and brainstorming different ways to achieve my goal. The best way to learn something is to face problems. I had more than enough of those on this project. I learned more about Illustrator and Inventor during this project than during all other assignments.
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