All are Happy. All are Equal.


Why It Is and Always Will be the Best:

Communism. What do you hear when you think of it? A perfect society. Fair wages. Equal rights for all! With this theory, we can change the world and how it thinks.

Comparing to Socialism and Capitalism, this is why it's better! With socialism, you don't get paid for the community's good fortune and that's what we all want, right? With Capitalism, we can't help make choices for businesses and the community that we think will help. The community as a whole can't change the economics; even if we have good ideas!

Another reason why this economic standpoint should be favored is because of creator of communism itself. Karl Marx, one of the most inventive people alive, and Engles started communism in 1848. The reason it was, and still should be, so popular is because it just makes sense! With sharing wages based upon skill and needs, it's the best possible choice to help the ones that need more money for simple requirements be able to live. Communism makes sure there is an uncomplicated way of life. Everyone is equal. Everyone is happy. One example of how well communism is still doing is the great North Korea. With all of the wages being equal, it can only be common sense to agree, this choice is the best choice; the only choice.

Key Highlights of Communism