School Counselor Newsletter

KCAA Middle School Counseling - Holiday Edition

Career and College Readiness Lessons

As part of the school counseling program at KCAA, your middle schooler will receive lessons related to college and career readiness.

6th graders will learn about SMART goal setting and learn study skills.

7th graders will review goals, and create a resume on Naviance.

8th graders will explore the Career Cluster model on Naviance and prepare for the Career Fair in November (more details to follow).

College and Career Readiness at Home

For your student, thinking about their future can be a daunting and overwhelming task. There are so many factors to consider when trying to choose a career to pursue. Your student has a big decision that will take years to make, and it’s never too early for them to hear your insight about careers.

Here are 4 easy steps to help you navigate the process of addressing the career question with your student:

  1. Observation. Keep an eye out and notice what your student is interested in and what their strengths are.

  2. Selection. Let your observations guide you in narrowing down possible career choices into a number that is manageable (less than 10 is a good number).

  3. Immersion. Have your student research and try (when possible) the careers that you highlighted in the selection step. During this period of testing encourage your student to rate their experience.

  4. Planning. Once you feel confident enough in a career choice you are at the planning stage where the goal is to uncover a clear path from school to the chosen career.

Important Notes

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