#HonVoyage Reception

Honors Lounge Art Gallery

Friday, Oct. 16th, 3-5pm

Honors Lounge (Tuttleman 204)

Swing by the Honors Lounge this Friday for the closing reception of #HonVoyage. There will be light bites, a scavenger hunt with the photos, and great conversation so mark your calendars - we hope to see you on Friday!

#HonVoyage is a collection of experiences captured by the Honors community as we meandered through the long warm days of summer. The exhibition is designed to be similar to the way you experience Instagram, a long feed of small images that beg you to stop at the moments that draw your attention. Reaching around the entire lounge, the show is not meant to have a beginning or end, allowing you to continue to re-experience the work from various viewpoints every time you visit the lounge.

Sponsored by the Honors Creatives.