Powers, Rights, and Freedoms

Alexa Gramstorff


The rights, freedoms, and powers of people change over time due to the variations of rulers and opinions. In a video from class, it showed a timeline of how rights were first started, and what had to happen to get them to where they are now. Cyrus the Great is the man that decided to create the Human Rights. He said that all slaves were free, and that people were allowed to make their own decisions. All of this was recorded on a clay tablet called the Cyrus Cylinder. Through the years the rights have changed, and people have gained and lost power. We've had many class discussions on Human Rights; school dress codes being one of them. From a students point of view, school dress codes aren't fair, and against their rights. They think that it isn't fair that they cant completely express themselves because of the rules. But from a teachers point of view, school dress codes are fair and do not provoke anyone's freedom. The freedom, rights, and powers that people have varies on the groups that they are apart of.


The Syrian people have, throughout the years, lost their freedoms, rights, and powers. There are people who have done absolutely nothing wrong, but because they live in Syria they are apart of a war and are considered bad people. We have had class debates where we are separated into groups, one time involving the Syrian people. The argument was about letting Syrian refugees into America. We discussed how it was unfair that even the innocent Syrians were not allowed over because they are judged as a group, and not all of them are innocent. Even though that seems awful, America has the power and right to make that decision. I think eventually the Syrian people will be allowed to migrate to America, after we come up with a security plan.


As I grew up, I noticed my freedom and power change. When I was younger I had a lot of freedom from my parents, but as I got older and to my teenage years, my freedom has gone down. I have more responsibility, but have lost trust because I am a teenager. I do have freedom, and it continues to change, just how it does for other people and their social groups. In my cultural geography class have power and freedom, but in my other classes, such as math I do not have as much. In cultural geography I am able to speak my mind and make my own decisions, but in math I am told what to do. I am given a paper and a lesson and told not to talk and to do my work. Math and cultural geography are two different classes and that's why my rights vary in them. Different groups, different right and powers.