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Introducing... TradeBeast!

TradeBeast is the simplest, most powerful Forex market timing system. It uses a tweaked, tested and proven method to identify confirmations of market breakouts which then uses these areas to derive entry signals for high probability trades in the Forex market. TradeBeast is designed to allow anyone to generate AMAZING PROFITS in the Forex market!

TradeBeast is written in the programming language MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) and is then plugged-in on a Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform as an Expert Advisor (EA) Program. Designed for the Forex market, it perpetually scans to exploit the Forex market once or twice a day for profit opportunities. With TradeBeast, you don’t have to be a veteran to make money in the Forex market…

More Reasons to use TradeBeast

NO need to analyse the market and still make consistent profits

NO guesswork

NO steep learning curve

NO market data to compile or charts to analyse

NO complicated computing or calculating to do

NO need to monitor price activity for hours at a time

NO tricky timing decisions to make


What is the basis of your trading system?

I use a proprietary method of identifying confirmations of market trends then use this information to derive entry signals for high probability trades. The signals are easy to understand and is designed to keep you in the money and keep you out of bad trades. See Trading Approach

What is the trading frequency of your system?

Not all updates are Buy/Sell signals. Several forex systems looks great on paper making 100s of trades per month, but when you put them to work in a real account, spreads, missing stops, sudden moves, deteriorate the system results big time. See Trade Example

Where are my funds held?

Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which commingle your funds with other investors, your funds are held in your Brokers’ account in your name

Do I have to install the software on my home computer?

Yes. We provide a free installation service that takes just 10 minutes

What is the minimum deposit to participate in the funds?

A recommended amount to start would be US$3,000

What are the fees associated with the funds?

Our fees are based on 6 monthly or Annually Subscriptions.

US$900 for 6 Months or US$1,500 for Annual plan

How can we monitor our account?

Clients monitor their account directly from the trading platform 24/7 on their computer or Smartphone

Is there a FREE Trial?

Unfortunately we do not provide FREE Trials. There are certain costs involved when using TradeBeast. We do advise our Clients to monitor our Performance until they are totally convince TradeBeast works before making a decision

TradeBeast Works... Guaranteed!

Join the TradeBeast Program Now!

Small Capital Outlay to start

100% control of your money

Earn 5% per Month, or more

Fund remains 100% liquid at all times

Transparency - 24-hours per day via computer or smartphone

Combining this program with other investments or managed accounts can increase the overall diversification and profitability of an investor's portfolio