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Burgaw is its county seat.

Pender is located in the region of the Coastal Plains. Pender is part of the Wilmington, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area. There surrounding countries are Duplin, Onslow, New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus, Balden, Sampson. As you can tell they have many surrounding county's. They were founded in 1875 also named after William Dorsey Pender who was a wounded veteran.

Somethings to know about Pender's Government!

Now that were getting to know Pender did you know that they have 5 members on the County Board commissioners and that our County Manger is Randell Woodruff. If you didn't know that the Broad of Commissioners first meeting were going to be held in Rocky Point,The act provided for the establishment of the town of Cowan as the county seat. As you can see the qualified voters were to vote on the question of moving the county seat to South Washington or any other place which the majority of the voters designated. There is also 6 members on the City Council.

Heres Some Important People You Might Need To Know

Things To Do In Pender?

Exciting Things To Do!

In Pender theirs so many things to do like shop, eat even stay in parts of Pender like in Burgaw, Hampstead, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. Theres beaches where surfboards and beach bike rentals, surf lessons, skateboards are available. So take a relaxing trip to the beach with the whole family or go fishing or even to the blueberry farm! For the ladies theirs some retail therapy that can take place with our lovely shops like boutiques, specialty shops, art galleries, vintage shops, and outdoor suppliers just minutes away. Dont forget to stop and dine in we always serve with southern hospitality we can help you find what ever your feeling from seafood to a sweet treat!

What To Know About Burgraw The County Seat

Now here is some information about Penders County Seat. Burgaw is part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. The outside filming of the series "Under The Dome" took place in Burgaw Crazy right? The town hosts two annual festivals: the "Spring Fest" started in 1978; it is a festival of homemade crafts and food. Crazy fact is that their police department had 21 employees, but by April 22, 2015 it had lost 14 of them. As of April 22, 2015 it had no police chief. It settled in 1850 and incorporated in 1879. They have 5 members and 1 mayor. They each serve a 4 year term along with terms being staggered by holding an election every two years (odd numbered years). There mayor is Eugene Mulligan.

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