DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 2

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Make reading time a priority!

Sit down as a family and decide on a daily reading time, and then consider it an appointment that needs to be kept. Some families might find that right before bed is the best time, but early risers might enjoy reading at breakfast. For younger listeners, bath time can be great! Build it into your daily routine and soon you will find that everyone is ready and waiting to hear what comes next in the story.

Chapter 2: Eat Those Peas!

Do you have a family member that sometimes makes you angry or sad? We are introduced to Gavin's Great Aunt in Chapter 2 and her spunky Pomeranian, Carlotta.

Chapter 2: Vocabulary Terms

  • yaps (pg 19) - sharp or shrill barks or yelps
  • heartburn (pg 19) - discomfort in the chest
  • harmonize (pg 20) - to sing with others in a pleasing way
  • crooner (pg 20) - singer
  • gnawing (pg 20 ) - chewing
  • sly (pg 22) - stealthy, mischievous, sneaky
  • misery (pg 22) - pain or distress
  • woe (pg 23) - distress or trouble
  • measly (pg 24) - small and unsatisfactory
  • prods (pg 25) - to persuade or encourage
  • accommodations (pg 26) - shelter for a visitor
  • canines (pg 28) - four pointed teeth in dogs
  • menacing (pg 28) - threatening to cause harm

Chapter 2: Trivia Questions

What kind of dog do Uncle Vestor and Aunt Myrtle have?

What kind of business does Uncle Vestor own?

Who said, "That's not a forkful"?

How much money is Aunt Myrtle going to pay Gavin for walking Carlotta?

What is Carlotta going to stay while Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Vestor are staying with Gavin's family?

Discussion Question:

  • What are three words you would use to describe Aunt Myrtle? Do you think you would like having Aunt Myrtle visit your house? Why or why not?
  • Family Activity: Barbershop Crooners

    Do you know what a crooner is? What about a barbershop quartet?

    Gavin's Uncle Vestor sings in a group called the Barbershop Crooners. Find a video of a barbershop quartet to watch as a family. What do you think of the performance? Do you enjoy it? Have you heard of any of the songs in the chosen videos before? Maybe on a commercial??

    This activity can open up a world of discussion and play acting by students and family members. This can also add to a family engagement night to have a little more fun! :)


    Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
    Big picture

    "Well, that's just nonsense. Eat those peas. I want to see you take a forkful and eat them down. Right now." (pg 21) Aunt Myrtle after finding out Gavin eats peas one at a time.