Crossing the Wire

"The end was coming but I didn't see it coming." Pages 216


This book is about a fifteen year old boy named Victor Flores. He and his family are on the edge of bankruptcy. They are running out of money and fast! Victor has to Cross the Wire to the United States, but it's not as easy as you think. Victor has to go through a lot of barriers and obstacles. He has no experience traveling alone and he doesn't have any "coyote" money to pay the smugglers for them to open the gate to the U.S.


The theme of this book is Adventure. This book takes me back to when I went on a hike and I remember that I went through some barriers like Victor. I got stuck in a thorn bush. Well, Victor got stuck in a cactus. When I was on the hike I saw a cat! Like Victor saw a wolf. In the end, I went over the fence like Victor Crossed the Wire.