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31 October 2019

Dear God

I want to take a minute.

Not to ask for anything from you.

But to simply say thank you for all I have.



Friday 01 November – All Saints/All Souls Year 5 Mass

Monday 04 November – Reconciliation Year 3 children

Tuesday 05 November - Reconciliation Year 3 children

Thursday 07 November – Outdoor Classroom Day - ECE


Dear St. Thomas' Community,

During our lives we go through many transitions as we stride along the journey of school. At St Thomas’, our children transition into Kindy, they transition into the upper section of our primary school and they transition on to high school. During a transition, the partnership between the school and parents is critical as it sets our children up for success. As we look to welcome new families into our school next year as their children begin in Kindy, it is the role of the whole community to ensure they feel welcome and truly a part of our school. Equally, it is the role of the whole community to farewell our students in Year 6 who this week have taken part in their orientations as they transition into high school. I know that as the current Year 6 cohort prepare for this next phase in their journey that they are well prepared to courageously tackle anything they face in their future because of their time here at St Thomas’.

God Bless

Mitchell Bristow


Christmas Hampers

Term Four is upon us and Christmas time is fast approaching. This is the time when we start collecting for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers. The society helps to provide hope, comfort and dignity to families who require extra assistance during the festive season. All our donations are distributed to families in our local community. Due to the nature of the season, Christmas can be a particularly emotional time of year where feelings of disappointment, failure and isolation can be heightened. We hope you will help bring ’Christ into Christmas” and generously donate non-perishable items to our appeal.

Romily House

Romily House caters for people that suffer with mental illness. They have 110 patients at present (70 male & 40 female). Each year we collect items to give every resident a Christmas present. Here are some suggestions: Roll on deodorant , shampoo, conditioner, soap, beanies, socks, moisturiser, other personal items, Christmas gift such as notebook, caps etc. (please note: no razors) .

Mr Bristow, Mrs Cotton, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Gamble and the School Choir are looking forward to the Christmas concert at Romily House on the 20 November (10.45-12.15). A permission note will be sent home to the students in the School Choir. We would appreciate parent transport on the day and parents are welcome to attend the concert. Please indicate on the permission slip if you can assist.

We thank you in anticipation of your kindness and generosity. The last date for collection of items will be Friday 6 December. Any volunteers later to the date that can assist in wrapping the presents would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless

Nicky Sullivan

Jump Jam Incursion

The students in Yrs 3 to 6 were lucky enough to meet Brett Fairweather, the creator of Jump Jam, an aerobic dance program. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and the children were in the company of a dance celebrity.

A group of students were lucky enough to represent St Thomas’ at the Brainstorm Challenge day at Scitech. The day was dedicated to exploring the Stanford D-School model of inquiry. The children explored circular economic developing a sustainable product to improve school life. These creative thinkers were able to further develop the critical thinking skills required in their future.

Reconciliation Workshop
Our Yr 3 Students are currently preparing to receive their first sacrament, the Sacrament of Reconciliation next week. To support this important milestone in their faith journey, the students and their parents took part in the Reconciliation workshop last week. The workshop focussed on further understanding the sacrament which build’s our relationship with God and allowed our children to work through real life examples of how we make mistakes, learn from them and do what is necessary to reconcile and move forward. Thank you Mrs Sullivan and the parents of our Yr 3 students.

Chess Club
The St Thomas’ Chess club were invited to the Interschool Chess Tournament. We are proud of all of those who attended from our school, especially the tournament winner, Kian Arquiza-Relenas (pictured below).

Kindy Grandparents Day
Thursday was a special day for our Kindy students and their grandparents as we opened up the class and show our families how much we learn here at St Thomas’. It was special to speak to grandparents who have been a part of the Parish since they were in Kindy themselves. The children were able to show their grandparents all they fun they have at school.

September & October Month in Review


A friendly reminder that Chloe in Year 3 is encouraging everyone to collect bottle caps for Envision hands.

This organisation turns bottle caps into prosthetic limbs for children in need.

Here at St Thomas’ we are hoping to collect over 500 bottle caps for Envision. So please remember to send them in. The chocolate milk bottle tops are the perfect size. You can place the tops in the collection box, which is located outside the Maker Space area/library.

Big picture
Big picture


Final call for all school fees to be finalised for 2019 school year please. To all those families who have completed payment - thank you. If you are experiencing any financial hardship please book an appointment to meet with Mitchell Bristow to discuss payment plans and options.

Extend Before & After School Care

What’s on Next week?

Monday- AM: Kid Fit- Catch the Dragon Tail PM: Drawing, Colouring in, Painting, Cricket, Card making

Tuesday- AM: Kid Fit- Skipping PM: Talent Show, Pancake Cooking, Treasure Hunt, DIY Placemats

Wednesday- AM: Kid Fit- River City Bank PM: DIY Bubble Wands, Day, Bubble Pop, Butterfly Painting

Thursday- AM: Kid Fit- Stretch 2 PM: Playdough, Fruitcake Cooking Activity, Soccer, Arts and Crafts

Friday- AM: Kid Fit- Stretch 2 PM: Lego Building, Ice Volcanoes Science, Recycled Materials Invention

The Extend Superstars are…

Lauren and Erin for being extraordinary Kid Fit leaders in our before school sessions! Lauren and Erin have been excitedly leading our younger children in engaging and fun daily fitness activities. Well done girls!

Miguel for using his imagination to suggest creative and engaging games and activities to be run at Extend. Keep it up, Miguel!

What have we been up to this week?

This week has been wonderful at Extend! We began the week with a super fun playdough making activity. We used food colouring, flour, salt and oil to make some gooey playdough. All the children loved this hands-on and engaging activity. A favourite activity among all children this week has been the ‘Giants Treasure’ game. We play this outdoors and it requires one child to act as a giant guarding treasure (which is usually a football) whilst the rest of the children attempt to sneakily steal the treasure without the giant noticing. We also had a Halloween themed Thursday where we created spooky Jack-O Lantern stress balls! Also, we played a “Paper Towel Mmmy”, children had so much fun! The children have also been proactive in getting ready for our restaurant themed open day by making chef hats and aprons! We have continued our morning ‘kid fit’ fitness routine with the children leading and cooperating and daily fitness activities.

Extend Before and After School Care

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