We're glad to have you on the team.

well hello there!

Welcome to Origami Owl!

We are delighted to have you on one of our first 7 lines of our team. We are a mother {Kim} and daughter {Meg} team with the current title of Senior Team Leader and love our experience with Origami Owl since we joined in April of 2012 and can’t believe we have over 300 designers on our team now!

We also were blessed to be featured as a mother/daughter team in the Spring 2013 Take Out Menu and honored with one of the very first O2 culture awards as most inspiring mother/daughter team in June of 2012. You can read more of our story on the team website.

This company is full of opportunity...we can't wait to see where this O2 journey will take you! Regardless of where you may fall on our team we want you to know that we are here for YOU! We will support you, encourage you and celebrate you as take this journey with Origami Owl.

Your mentor may have already provided you with some of this information or have tools set up for you to use. If so that's great! You're off to a fantastic start with Origami Owl. If this information is new to you, please connect with your mentor with any questions you may have.

Your mentor should always be your first point of connection. If your mentor is not available, then please reach out for the information or help you need.

Hello New Designers!

We’re so excited to have each of you in the O2 family! It’s hard, actually, to convey just how important you are to us! After all, without you, there is no O2!

Some of you have already begun your journey with Origami Owl, and many others of you are brand new and maybe haven’t even received your amazing Business Package yet! Others of you will be exploring your new kit for the very first time!

Watch this Start Your Journey Video | password: oonewkit featuring Ann Raulston who will walk you through this wondrous package and how to jump start your new O2 business to success! It’s stuffed with awesome tools that will help you start strong and grow your business to limitless heights! Even seasoned Designers will want to check it out for some of Ann’s expert tips.

Soar to Success!

As a new Designer you're automatically enrolled in our Soar to Success rewards program! It's purpose is to get your jewelry business off to a flying start by helping you achieve success during your first 90 days. Achieve your goals and earn special rewards worth over $450!

Watch this video and then track your progress right on the dashboard every time you log into your designer office online!

What's next? Watch the New Designer Webinar below that will walk you through everything you need to know as your start your new business!

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What's Your Dream?

Meet our Founder Bella Weems in a special video message. Believe in your Dreams!
Bella's Journey

Start Here...

We're so excited to introduce this new training tool for our team. Everything you need to know is found on our TEAM PAGE . It's easy to use and as you walk through the pages you'll find information that will help you be on your way to success in no time.

Find us online at www.thelocketcafe.com.

Once you are there click on the pink SIGN UP/LOG IN. Fill out your information. It might take up to 24 hours to approve you, but once inside our team site you will have access to all the information and tools you need to Soar to Success with your business.

Join our team Facebook group. Ask your mentor to add you, or click here to request an invite.