Interesting places and festivals to visit in Britain :

The Globe Theatre

The original Globe Theatre was where most of Shakespeare's plays were performed for the first time.

It has the shape of an "O" and plays are only performed during the warm moths from May until mid-September.

The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival hits the streets of London since 1966 in every August Bank Holiday weekend, the carnival is an amazing array of sounds, colourful sights and social solidarity.

It is a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own cultures and traditions, it features steel bands, flamboyant dress, amazing food and family-friendly entertainment.

York Minster

It is in the north of York (England), and is the biggest Gothic cathedral in Europe, it took more than 250 years to build and was finished in 1480.

One of the most amazing things of the cathedral is the window of the five sisters, five contiguous windows of an ogival form of more than 16 meters of height, and other amazing thing is the famous rosette, whose crystals date from around 1500 and commemorate the union of the royal houses of York and Lancaster.

The Jorvik Viking Centre

It is a museum and visitor attraction in York, where Archeologists found part of the Viking town preserved under the modern town. It recreates Jorvik in 948 AD with characters, sights, sounds and smells as well as fish markets and latrines, with a view to bringing the Viking city fully to life using innovative interpretative methods.