The Importances of Yearly Check ups

Dr. Noah Hinten


Hello my name is Dr. Hinten and i'm here to tell you how important it is to have a regular checkup to make sure you don't have cancer or any other bad disease. A regular checkup with your Doctor.


There are multiple things will look for different diseases in people. Theres the mammogram, pap smears, and the prostate exams. Each one of these checks for different cancers in people the mammogram for example look for breast cancer


62% of people confess to having a regular doctor check ups that means 38% of people are not having a regular check up with their doctors. There are too many people not getting a annual check up and that means you could be walking around town with cancer. You need to start getting those check ups before anything bad happens.

Who should be getting these check ups

Statistics show that women from age 40+ are going to get mammograms and finding out they have breast cancer ( ). Pap Smears test is a pre-cancer test, the best thing to do is have a regular screening test starting at the age of 21 ( ). Men that are ages 40+ should be getting the prostate exam so check for cancer ( )