The worlds most amazing....


The worlds smallest species of bunny

The worlds smallest specie of bunny is the basin Pygmy bunny! These species are found in Washington state, this specie is nearly extinct. luckily, 14 bunnies were saved and taken to the bunny protective custody.
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The worlds cutest puppy!

The worlds cutest puppy is named boo! Boo is a Pomeranian, who's fur has been trimmed to give him Afro like fur on his head! Boo has 2 books published for him. Boo even has his own Facebook account! This dog has over 5 million fans!
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Below is a video of Boo at the age of 8 weeks!

In this video boo and his friends are mucking about! Isn't it cute?
Boo the dog 8 weeks

The worlds longest cat!

Trouble is 19 inches tall from paw to shoulder making him the tallest cat in the world! Despite the size, trouble only weighs 20 pounds! As you can see this cat is not exactly 'normal'. One of the strange things about this cat is that it doesn't eat cat food it eats rabbits and meat!
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