My home of the future

Gr 9 Science project

Sustainable Ecosystem

1 Q: How would you create a "green" environment around your home?

A: First of all I would probably move somewhere farther from the city (that being because their is less pollution and better air to breathe) maybe somewhere in the temperate deciduous forest so a lot of rain can be provided for plants and it will be easier for plants to grow.

2 Q: What plants would you "farm" in your vegetable garden? Why?

A: I would use all types of vegetables but mostly the ones that are found in my local grocery store.

Q: What type of pesticides and fertilizers would you use in your garden?

A: I would definitely not use any pesticides because I want my food growing naturally, also they damage your plants/crops.

3 Q: What mode of transportation would you choose to park in your driveway?

A: I would probably consider buying a hybrid car that is big enough for my needs, transit would not really be a option, (if I choose to live somewhere farther away from the city) but I would also use a bicycle for a main sore of travel if its to the store or something. Possibly a electric scooter. Just on battery without any gas. The only time I

would use the car would be for far travels, possibly to work. The reason for a hybrid car would be that it is a lot more Eco-friendly than regular cars that run on just gas, and the electric scooter... well it's electric! depending on where i would work, I might take into consideration buying a full electric car, but electricity is expensive too.

4 Q: What types of waste management systems would you include in your home design?

A: I would categorize my garbage in different bins. I would need one for metal, (cans from drinks, food from cans, etc) plastic, paper and cardboard, (like milk cartons for example) and then general waste.

5 Q: Which endangered species would your family sponsor at your local zoo? Why?

A: I think my family would adopt the polar bear because it is very important in the food chain in the Arctic. Let's say the polar bear eats a seal, then when he is done, the other animals (a fox for example) come and whatever the polar bear didn't finish eating off the seal, (or anything thing that he eats) the fox will come and end it off, and that's how the fox gets its food.

Atoms, Elements, Compounds

1 Q: Three toxic chemicals in your home

A: 1. Some laser printers contain toxic fumes when in heavy use, which may lead to lung or heart disease. 2. Bleach. Drinking bleach will cause the bleach to burn your throat, stomach problems, and slowly poison you. If bleach comes in contact with your skin, it will "burn" it. 3. Windshield washer fluid. Can damage the nervous system, poisonous if swallowed, and can also cause unconsciousness and death.

2 Q: Choose one of the three chemicals, and draw the Bohr-Rutherford diagram.

A: Bleach. I don't know i could not find one.........

3 Q: Which group or chemical family of the Periodic Table is the element located in?

A: Well Bleach contains Chlorine, which is a non-metal.

4 Q: Is your chosen element a metal, non-metal or metalloid?

A: It is a non-metal.

The Characteristics of Electricity

1 Q: What type of energy source will you use for your home?

A: I will probably save up to get solar panels, and try to be energy efficient throughout my home.

2 Q: What types of physical structures make a house more energy efficient?

A: I would put solar panels on the east, west, and on top of my house so it can get energy throughout the whole day.

3 Q: What type of appliances would you choose for your home?

A: Well since i will many solar panels, I would definitely buy an electrical stove because it take electricity instead of gas, so I will save money, and less pollute my own home!

4 Q: What type of light bulbs would you include in your home design? Why?

A: I would choose LED light bulbs for 3 reasons. 1, they are really really bright, (I personally did a comparison with my friend) they are a lot safer then any other light bulbs, considering some of them consist of mercury, and they are the most energy efficient so they save me money!

The Study of the Universe

1 Q: Include at least two different types of technology in your future home that has been developed or researched due to space exploration. Describe how these technologies were invented.

A: ski boots. They were design for space suits, to allow the boot to flex without distortion, but still give support and control the precision skiing.

2 A: Shock absorbing helmets: Special helmets for football that use a padding of temper foam, a shock absorbing foam material that was made and used in aircraft seats, these special helmets have 3 times more absorbent than regular helmets.

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