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Dear Tubman Community,

We were excited and happy to have welcomed and welcome back our 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade scholars! I hope your scholar felt welcomed by their teachers and was happy to see their old classmates and see new classmates. It was great to see the students in their classrooms, although some of them had that deer in the headlight look. :)

During this soft-start, teachers are focusing on building relationships with their scholars and also familiarizing them with digital tools. In addition, our teachers are going to instill rituals, routines, and procedures that will create a productive virtual learning environment. Our teachers, counselors, and staff are amazing! I am proud to be leading a special group.

Some scholars experienced password issues to log in to their PPS account. If your scholar requires a password reset, please email Ms. Holmes at jholmes1@pps.net, or you can call the school at 503-916-5630.

Next week is the final week of the soft-start opening. Scholars will report to their 1st period at 9:30 am. They will use the same access code format to log in to their teacher's Google Meets classroom. Scholars will be engaged in Social-Emotional Learning lessons during the first hour of the school day. Please have students check their schedules as schedule changes are being made for scholars based on requests and course history needs.

On Septemeber 14th, we will begin our instructional schedule. This will be our schedule up until November 5th, and at that time, we will be guided on what direction our learning format will be for the rest of the semester.

Next week, we will be conducting material distribution days for our scholars. We have assembled bags of instructional resources and some awesome school supplies (courtesy of NIKE!) for all of our scholars. The information will be available below.

Also, next week, we are planning to conduct live training for scholars and students on the use of Canvas. For those of you who cannot attend, there will be an instructional video for you to watch at your leisure. Specific details on time and format will be forthcoming on Tuesday, September 8th.

Lastly, there is more information, so I will place them in the buttons below. Please click on each button for details on that topic.

Tubman community, I wish you all an excellent weekend for what is considered the last weekend for the summer. Remember, no school on Monday, September 7th. It is Labor Day. Take care, and be safe!


Proud Principal

Louis Mair

Legendary Listeners - Counselors' Corner

Hello HTMS Legends! We hope the 2020-21 school year is off to a great start for you, and that you had some fun, met some new people, and participated in some exciting activities. We've said it before, but it's worth repeating: this is a school year unlike any other. There are bound to be some bumps along the way. Just know that we are here to support you. Please reach out to us for help with anything. If we aren't the correct person to get your questions answered, we will find out who is and help you get what you need. This is new for all of us; please lean on us for support.

While Ms. Drew and Ms. Katie are available to help all students, regardless of grade level, we have divided up the grades, to hopefully make it a little easier to get your questions answered. Ms. Katie will be the go-to school counselor for 6th graders, as well as 7th graders with the last names beginning with A through L. Ms. Drew will be the go-to school counselor for 8th graders, as well as, 7th-grade students with the last names beginning with M - Z.

We also wanted to let you know to be on the lookout for our new and improved HTMS Counseling Department website! It should be live next week and will include a student survey. Through the survey, you can let us know what you need from us, what we can do to help make this school year a little more exciting, what types of groups you'd like to participate in, and more. We'll send out a message to let you know when it's live!

Oh, and why don't you all take Monday off? You've worked hard and you deserve it! (Just a little Friday humor for you...Monday is a holiday!)

Take care,

Ms. Drew and Ms. Katie


Soft Start Schedule-Week 2

Week 2 Soft-Start Schedule

September 14th -- Instructional Schedule

This is the Scholars' Schedule that will begin on Monday, September 14th until further notice.

Material Distribution for our Scholars

Please read the details. This is courtesy of NIKE.

Schedule Changes

Please access the form to request schedule changes. This is not a guarantee.

Comprehensive Distance Learning Platforms and Tools

Scroll down to Comprehensive Distance Learning Platforms & Tools and then click on the 6-12 tab

Fall 2020 Meal Service

Meal service is here at Harriet Tubman Middle School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 pm - 5 pm.

Assistant Principals and Counselors assigned Grade Levels

Mrs. Krauel - 6th and 7th Grades/Math and Science/English Language Development/504s

Mrs. Marquardt-Dustin - 8th Grade and Electives/LA and SS/Special Education

Ms. Loewen - 6th Grade and 7th Grade (Letters A-L)

Ms. Drew - 8th Grade and 7th Grade (M-Z)

Back to School Night

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 6-7:30pm

This is an online event.

An invitation link for this event will be sent at a later date.