Open house smore

Ryan Hernandez

Earthquake pbl

the project was about designing and building a structure for tony stark that can withstand earthquakes. The driving question was: How can we as structural engineers create a two story house for tony stark that can withstand seismic activity. My team's design was a two story house that was a rectangular prism that was on its side. We made it with Popsicle sticks and straw to build the frame. We used clay to hold joints together and make the base shock wave resistant. Then we used wooden braces to reinforce the structure itself.
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30 hands project

During the 30 hands project i learned the many ways humans are hurting the atmosphere and how it affects life on planet earth along with how warming of the earth occurs. I also learned how because of the pollution of the atmosphere it is hurting the ecosytems of wildlife.I enjoyed making the slides and editing them to make them most intresting and informational as posible. I also really enjoyed doing the research and learning many new things.
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Invention convention

My project is solving the problem of no self sufficent energy sources that dont cause pollution. My project is a dam that reuses the water that passes through the dam again so that water isnt lost. It works by having the dam water heated and evaporating and then condensating and going back into the resevoir/dam. It helps solve this problem by making a self-sufficent energy source that doesnt pollute the enviroment or cost much fuel.
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