New Parent Information

Emma Hensley

Bonding With Your Infant

A few ways to bond with your baby include:

-Feeding time


At birth:

-Milk through breast feeding or formula (Until at least a year of age)

2-4 weeks:

-Orange juice or vitamin C supplements

4 weeks:

-Flouridated water

3 months:

Cereals which provide iron and taste differences or B vitamins

3-4 months:

Mashed hard-cooked egg yolk which provides protein and iron

4 months:

Puréed fruits and vegetables-vitamins

6 months:

Puréed meats- protein and iron

7 months:

Breads and pastas-B vitamins and carbohydrates


Strained and chopped adult food- all nutrients

Characteristics of a Healthy Child

Signs of a healthy child include:

-Sleeps soundly

-Eats without much coaxing

-Grains steadily in height and weight over the months

-Teeth are in good condition

-Few aches and pains

-Enjoys both individua and group activity

- Alert, active, cheerful, and interested in the happenings

SIDS Prevention and Crib Safety

Crib Safety:

-Mattress firm and fitted to the crib

-Make sure that lead-free and non-toxic paints and finishes are used on furniture. Keep small objects out of reach.

-Supervise infants at all times during bath time regardless of interruptions

-Give babies freedom in protected areas that are supervised closely by an adult