Health and Diet

Adriana Gill

Historical Background

Every social class was affected by this epidemic for example in 1866 England was affected by Cholera cause by polluted water . Many thought that it was cased by 'miasmata ' or poisonous , smell in the air. By 1849 cholera had killed over 70000 people.


To help get rid of the disease ,heath boards were establish. As well as better sanitation standers .They provide sewers and assigned jobs to help clean up the streets . Things started to get better an example would be that there was a better food production ,which meant that it was easier to feed the growing population . Small farmers moved in to the cities for better jobs, yet most of them lived in poor conditions.


The western world would now have better access to cleaner water, medical care, and have enough food to feed most of the growing population. Although some things have change over time , much of the world still is not better then before the industrial revolution.