No Pretty Pictures, A Child Of War.

By Anita Lobel


Anita Is a twelve-year-old Jewish girl. Growing up through the Holocaust proves to be difficult, She is through countless trials of her faith. She is located in Krakow, Poland. Her family consists of a younger brother, a mother, a distanced father, and a very-connected nanny. She is through countless trials of her faith, she is also in many different situations with different people, but she somehow pulls through it all.

Anita is sent to several places, including the most dreaded of all Jews; a concentration camp. Which splits her family in half multiple times and in multiple different ways. The nanny has always taken care of Anita, but things happen to her that I'm not supposed to tell you. The brother also has his challenges, staying at a certain place longer than her sister. Overall, the family has many drastic changes that happen to them, some not just temporary.

This book is honestly amazing. It never gives up on the suspense, or any other key aspect to a great book. This book deserves the praise it has received, It EARNED it. With a gold clad medal, only to the top of all books it has been one of the best books I have ever read, This story is a pinnacle of perfection and i hope you get the chance to read it.

Three Real Life Facts.

1. Jewish people had to live in ghettos, or very ¨gross¨ places, just to avoid absolute tormenting from the Nazis.

2. Many Jewish people could not work, go to school, or do anything in public.

3.Nazis were not only killing Jews, but trying to kill off other ¨races¨ or types of people in hopes of world domination.

Who will enjoy this book?

Everyone! Everyone will enjoy this book without a doubt in my head. This book is amazing throughout and never gives up on the interesting details of the Holocaust.


I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Genre : Non-Fiction