In space

Exploration of space & our understanding of the universe.

How the exploration of space has changed due to developments in technology over time?

Timeline Of the technolgy

- 4th October 1957, Russian launch sputnik

- 28th October 1958, NASA is born

- 3rd November 1957, First live animal in space

- 12th April 1961, first man in space

- 24th July 1969, First man on the moon

- 14th April 1981, the first space shuttle lands

-17th April 1990, first spacecraft to achieve solar orbit

-29th Janurary 1998, The international space station is launched

-5 Jun 2000, first weather satelites

-1 Feburary 2003, Columbi tragedy

What a satelite is? & What is a Telescope & What a telescope does?

HUBBLE Telescope

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