Let's blow it up with physics

Physics teacher, branch of science is physics


I chose Michigan because it is a good college and it's a good physics program. I got a teaching degree in physics. I got this major in a hard school and It took along time but I got it. Here are some of my classes I took in high school to get my degree.

* Advanced Physics courses
* Calculus
* Chemistry
* Computer Science and Programming
* General Computer Applications
* Physical Science
* Pre-Calculus
* Probability and Statistics
* Science Technology and Engineering

* Technical Writing

Also something interesting about this is I need at least 1 year of teaching before I can teach physics at a higher level.

Training for school and college

I went to Michigan to learn physics and become a physics teacher. The required grade point average is 3.75 which makes it very challenging to be accepted. This school is a public school and the location has a fall wintry feeling and it is a older school also. The number of students that are at Michigan is 41,242. The classes can be slightly large but some of them are very small providing one on one attention. That is one of the reasons why I went there. I stayed at Michigan for all 4 years and I got my Masters Degree there also.

Some of my workers I work with

Other information

I can see myself teaching physics when I'm older.


-Away from home

-lots of grading


-I meet new people

-I enjoy helping

-and I enjoy teaching

The average salary is 50K

It is very hard to find a teaching job in a smaller community