Travelling from Turkey to Greece

What are refugees?

Refugees are people that "escape" or are forced to flee from their country. They are possibly escaping from war, natural disasters and/or persecution/violence. Refugees have a fear of persecution because of their race, religion, political opinion, or membership in a group.

Refugees most likely do not go back to their country, usually because (1) they're scared or (2) cannot return home.

There are more than 15 million refugees worldwide coming from many places Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East (United Nations.) We see refugees on front covers of magnazines, news, social media feeds.

Turkey to Greece

Despite all weather conditions, asylum-seekers still continue to travel to Greece. The (IOM) International Organization for Migration, reports in January say that more than 360 refugees died trying to cross the Mediterranean, in the last week of January. And more than 100 men, women and children died off the waters of Greece, Turkey and Italy

People at risks

More and More refugees want to head Canada. Do you know why?

Risks and challenges

Refugees are at risk of dying when traveling across to another place. Not only that but also being separated from their families, refugee camps, leaving women and children vulnerable. Some refugees had to pay $2000 to get to Greece.

Why would we say refugee camps?

You might think that refugee camps are safe and fine to be in. But the truth is that most of the camps are unsafe and not peaceful places. Camps could also have high population, shortage of resources, and lack of security.

Lack of Job's

Refugees have an high percentage of not getting a job and tap into social networks. In addition, refugees often face barriers of legal employment, lack of authorization, unfamiliarity with local employers, and language or dialect issues.
Refugee 101


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